Council agrees action over accident hotspot

Journalism Course LondonBy Jody Crooks

Council to spend £120,000 on road safety improvements

Move prompted by residents’ campaign

Haringey council has agreed to spend £120,000 on road safety measures along Upper Tollington Park in Stroud Green.

The decision comes after numerous complaints from local residents and a campaign headed by local Liberal Democrat councillors. Residents say they are particularly worried about the safety of the zebra crossing at the junction of Florence Road and Upper Tollington Park.

One local mother said, “I use the crossing frequently to take my children to and from Stroud Green School. It is frankly frequently quite terrifying as drivers fail to stop or even notice the zebra as they are driving far too fast.”

According to Transport for London figures there have been five accidents involving pedestrians on Upper Tollington Park in the last three years.

“Initially the council said there was no need for safety measures and no money available,” said Local Lib Dem councillor Katherine Reece. “So we are absolutely delighted they have now changed their minds and we have won £120,000 of road safety funding. This is a huge victory for local residents who supported our campaign”.

The Labour led council will make a formal announcement of what measures are to be taken in July.