Coronation Street

London Journalism Centre

Wednesday’s episode of Coronation Street failed to add much to the gaiety of the nation. It was an episode of aftermaths – apart from the ongoing saga of Maria and Marcus, of course, writes Jennifer Truelove.


Lewis  must have found it a stiff climb to the moral high ground, but he’s made it to the summit and planted his flag.  Despite his former career relieving women of a certain age of their money, and abandoning Audrey twice, Lewis is indignant that she could doubt the sincerity of his attachment. Audrey’s crime was standing by whilst hamster-faced daughter Gail and bare-faced fantasist Gloria dangled before him the carrot of Gloria’s mythical money, and presumably sexual favours.

Lewis passed this test but has dumped Audrey and is out for vengeance. He’s already seen off Gloria, costing the Rover’s pub of the year award, and clearly has plans for Gail. His pantomime villain expression could indicate nothing else. Still, it looks like more fun than domestic bliss with Audrey.

Ken Barlow has a  similar hairdo to Lewis and has been known to be a bit of a philanderer  - though Deirdre is no slouch in the area of marital infidelity. You think they’d simply have declared it an open marriage by now.  In this case, Ken has been proved innocent of the accusations brought by  woman-scorned Wendy, and harmony is restored at number one. Deirdre is very orange. We can only assume there is a tanning salon round the corner in Rosamund Street, frequented also by Tina MacIntyre.

As for Maria, she’s in love with Marcus, even though he’s her gay lodger, and she’s only recently shacked up with thick builder Jason, who apparently only exists to be dumped by women.  Audrey is dismissive of this “silly crush”.  She’s wrong on this, as on so many things – see Lewis.

Rushing home to confront  Maria about interfering in his relationship with boyfriend Aidan, Marcus inexplicably falls in to a “passionate” embrace with her instead. Neither seems to particularly be enjoying this and there is a strangely grim air about their progress hand-in-hand towards the bedroom as the familiar Corrie theme plays over the closing credits. Roll on Friday.