Bangladesh government censors news of massacre

By Almas Mia

The government of Bangladesh has been accused of censoring news of an alleged massacre during an anti-government rally which is said to have left thousands dead.

Mohamed Sharef Hussein, a political activist, claims the government lied about the numbers killed by security forces during the May 6 demonstration in the country’s capital.

“The death toll in Dakha has been obscured by the censorship of state media,” he said.

Government forces fire on protesters

The Daily Star, a state owned Bengali newspaper, claimed that only five people had died. However, internet reports suggest the true figure is as high as 2,500. Pictures published on the internet show the streets of Dakha strewn with dead and injured protesters.

The Foreign Minister for the Awami League (state government) insists that government media reports were correct.

“We are not hiding a higher death toll, everything reported is accurate,” he said.