A music magazine intern gives his verdict on work experience

Music Journalism course

David Weir

A few weeks into his LJC Music Journalism course, David Weir started a three month internship at Clash magazine. Here’s what he thought of the experience.

I found it incredibly beneficial and eye-opening just being exposed to that sort of working environment. I got to see from the inside what it took to successfully run a music magazine/site/business and with my own desk and independent tasks, I really felt part of the process.

I found the team really easy to get on with, everyone was obviously focused on the work at hand, but they were always helpful, understanding and discussing and playing brilliant new music throughout the day. Honestly, I’d heard the clichés about interns just doing tea and coffee runs, however I found everyone else was constantly offering! Also working with Matt Bennett (the Assistant Editor) was enjoyable – he gave me a lot of constructive feedback. We had a couple of good talks about my progress and plans and he’s a really chilled and understanding guy to work for. So a really friendly, fun and accommodating team.

Work wise, I was given some really interesting tasks and quite enjoyed even the simple, everyday jobs, like promo log admin, hounding people via email etc. I found that way I learnt a lot about the communicative side of the job, through my lengthy convo’s with festival organisers and freelance journalists.

Furthermore, I was given great opportunities to get my writing out there, like I said, within the first week I’d had a review published in the magazine and I’d transcribed interviews which eventually made it into issues. Since then I’ve written for the site (music news and band interviews), had another review in the magazine and as a result have built up a fairly diverse portfolio of work.

Matt has discussed keeping me on the records and possibly sending me to further festivals or offering more writing spots in the future. Currently I’m working on my creative portfolio and I’m just looking for further journalism opportunities, be it a internship or a job. I’m looking at moving somewhere new, so I’m seeing what is out there.

On my internship application I rather frankly admitted not having a big background of journalism/writing experience, but both the Introduction to Music Journalism course and the internship have given me that. The bedrock to actually build upon and work my way up and for that I’m very grateful.