Joseph Dean Osgood – London’s Rock N’ Roll Man on the Road to Revival

Panda review face picBy Alexia Axxe

When Joe introduced Ronnie Wood to his parents after supporting The Faces at Polo Rocks festival in 2011, he thought he’d arrived as a professional singer songwriter. And in a sense he had. His soft rocktail sound became in-flight entertainment across a whole fleet of BA planes. Yet four years on, universal recognition proves high hanging fruit. Until now.

For all you aspiring musicians out there, Joe’s story is a reminder never rest to on your laurels.  Plan your career forward well because it’s not enough being a great musician.  Joseph is talented, he has released two EPs and two videos in the last four years, the latter video produced by Jamie Cullum’s brother Ben.  There is an enduring clique following on London’s circuit as a solo artist and from previous band ‘The Trellicks’;  in essence, the JDO music making act never stops working, be it across the city in bars and pubs or at special events and private parties.

Joseph Dean Osgood

“Meeting and working with the Faces was a nice little milestone, but you don’t realise you have to put the same amount of work in again – to keep pushing forward for the next one.  I had the money to put out my first EP but then no resources to follow it up”.

Nevertheless, it seems the boy from Coulsden who began absorbing his parents’ music from an old box of 45s at eight (Cat Stevens, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor, Queen & Quo) once again on the up.   Now on a second incarnation fronting a new band, there’s a substratum of hard hitting material, a serious promoter and showcasing events imminent.    This is an unusual folk-rock fusion and addictive gravel-toned voice – Rod Stewart meets Quireboys’ Spike Gray.   The music is uplifting and enriching listening even when the lyrics are about the downs as well as the ups of what Joe calls this strange thing called life.

“This band is much edgier, tighter and harder than anything I’ve done yet holds on to my singer-songwriter roots.  We have been noticed in the right circles and have got a couple of showcasing events in the offing, so I’m really excited about where this will take us”.

Watch out for Joseph Dean Osgood on the 2016 music festival circuit and keep an eye out on Facebook for those impromptu sessions around London’s pubs – it’s a convivial night out.