Paradise Lost: The Plague Within review – more lead than a church roof

Panda review face picBy Alexia Axxe

Yorkshire’s doom metal quartet has returned to its original style with the heaviest album in 25 years.

 Thanks to its leaden and spirit-draining melancholy, The Plague Within is a satisfying earful for goth and doom metallers. Going beyond mere shouting and noise, Paradise Lost’s 14th album retains that familiar throbbing tempo, pulsing an unrelenting yet positive beat despite the melancholic undertone.

Paradise lost - the plague within album coverAll ten tracks are interwoven with strong melodic vocals and guitar riffs just rousing enough to stop you throwing yourself into a demon-infested abyss.  With lyrics such as “See the righteous fall as the rise of the damned, denied, See others crawl to the towers of rancid spite”, the morbid tone is magnified to true blackened metal might.

As the tour looms, guitarist Aaron Aedy claims this is their harshest work ever and it is indeed a head banger as the grim medieval cover forewarns. Imbibe – very loud, in pitch dark and alone.