Residents poisoned with cockroach killer by blundering local council

By Evan Bartlett
  • Multiple local residents suffers severe stomach cramps and vomiting after ingesting council cockroach poison
  • Incident occurred after cockroaches infested apartment block on Cephas Street, E1

A resident has recounted his horrifying tale of suffering after the council inadvertently poisoned him and his neighbours with cockroach killer. The victim suffered severe stomach cramps and vomiting after ingesting the poison in his home in Whitechapel on Monday afternoon.

It is believed the council acted quickly to reports at the weekend that the apartment building had been infested by cockroaches. The hardy insects are renowned for their resistance to trauma and can breed very quickly. Therefore it is unsurprising that the blundering council reacted with such a strong poison – what they did not think to do was warn residents to vacate the property or instead use a different method of extermination.

Resident Jay Spencer, 26, who was one of the worst affected, claims – “as soon as I got home from work on Monday I knew something wasn’t right. Then I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and I was throwing up every 10 minutes. I’ve had to take a few days off work as well so I have lost earnings from this”.

When asked about the council’s handling of the incident Mr Spencer remarked – “well it’s just typical isn’t it really. They just act without thinking things through. It could have been so much worse. Why didn’t they warn anyone about it?”

When asked for comment, the council refused to answer. And now local residents are saying they want to take the matter further. “Well they need to be made accountable for their actions” says Mr Spencer.