Jurassic World – film review

By Tola Onasanya

Our favourite pre-historic predators are back in this latest adrenaline-fuelled offering from Isla Nublar.

Colin Trevorrow’s new dino epic has taken a giant bite out of worldwide box office takings – it’s the third highest grossing film of 2015 so far, but movie-goers expecting an improved version of Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic, may be disappointed.

In the film’s opening sequences all the makings of a great ‘Jurassic Park’ movie are present. A dinosaur hatches from an egg, two young brothers getting ready for their trip to the resort, instilling a sense of impending doom in the viewer. It’s all there.

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22 years on from the disaster of its predecessor, the Jurassic World theme park is running like a well-oiled machine. Business is booming and park director Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) is running a tight ship. Elsewhere, protagonist and 2015’s sweetheart; Chris Pratt – who plays velociraptor trainer (yes really) Owen Grady, is brought in to assess a new ‘asset’ that is set to boost the parks ratings.

As impressive as the CGI critters are, the script lets the 2-hour flick down. At best the writing is juvenile, and some of the character clichés are so bad that the 1980s called to ask for their movie tropes back. The workaholic parent-figure with no time for the kids, (Howard) feels overused and cheap.

The kids are just annoying; it feels like they were thrown in for symmetry with the prequels’ other “essential” child characters. When younger brother Gray (Ty Simpkins) announces to hormone-fuelled brother Zach (Nick Robinson) that their parents are getting a divorce it feels tacked on. Complaints aside, Howard comes good and steps up as the über-aunt – despite outrageously running around a tropical island in heels.

It’s a fast paced adventure that keeps you wanting more, with some impressive solo stints from Jake Jonson (New Girl), who is the cinematic embodiment of the 93’ fans, from his dinosaur toys, down to his classic Jurassic Park tee.

Verdict: Jurassic world is a highly watchable summer action movie that delivers on action but is a little light on intellect.