Skrillex LIVE @ 02 Building 6, London 22.11.2013

Silvia RucchinBy Silvia Rucchin

It’s not my intention to celebrate the importance of drugs during a nine hour long rave marathon, however a Skrillex show requires a lot of energy, stamina and resistance. Because the man himself is a non stopping machine that keeps going and going ’till the dance floor gives up. Which obviously doesn’t happen on this kind of event. In a music world where rock stars are considered Gods, Skrillex is possibly the only non- guitar musician to get close to the same level of idolatry.

Why? Because Skrillex is definitely one of the most interesting musical creatures of the past five years whose impact has been quite extraordinary. Equally slated and revered for making dubstep mainstream, Skrillex’s music is not easy to fit into the electronic scene. It’s not your average super star DJ like David Guetta or Tiesto whose music and personal appearance are so polished and plastic; Skrillex is a 25-year-old genius who started his career as a lead singer in a hardcore band only to become a few years later the most talked about electronic DJ  to win 6 Grammy Awards thanks to his incredible mix of dubstep with pretty much any other genre of music, reggae and hip pop included. Typically, you either love him or hate him. Dubstep puritans consider him too radio friendly, on the other side people who wouldn’t normally be into electronic find his style quite accessible and cool.

Tonight the crowd gathered at the Building 6  in the North Greenwich peninsula is so prepared for this event. Energy, sweat, drugs, adrenaline, passion.. everything gets mixed in two hours DJ set. Yes, no matter how good all the supporting acts are, every single person in this massive warehouse is waiting for the Friday Night Messiah who gets the party started at 1 am. By the time he arrives on stage, everyone is already pretty fucked up on acid, dancing and singing hysterically to every single tune. His original reinterpretation of dubstep/rave transports you into another dimension, there’s no filler, it’s all incendiary stuff like the super hit Bangarang can prove. Ferocious, immediate, urgent, Skrillex wastes no time in showing what he’s capable of.

However, as schizophrenic and eclectic his production can be like on First Of the Year (Equinox), Skrillex delivers his best on the second part of the show when he simply remixes other artists’ tunes such as Beastie Boys, Dizzee Rascal, Missy Elliot, Nero transforming their party anthems into something more aggressive and twice epic. Even standard pop song ‘DJ, Ease My Mind’ by Niki & The Dove assumes an otherworldly meaning as the closing track of the show. Skrillex is pure magic, his command of the crowd is pretty impressive and his talent is immense. True, he might be an over achieving DJ catapulted into fame by the Internet buzz and all the social media, but ultimately his style is too unique and distinctive to get ignored. In fact, you can recognize one of his tunes straight away even if you listen to it for the first time on the radio.

What an epic, naughty, sexy and slightly dangerous Friday Night. Truly remarkable, it makes you wonder whether it actually happened or it was just a hazy tripping experience.