We don’t want Banksy back

Journalism coursesBy Sarah Reid

Residents say Haringey Council should focus on more pressing problems

Haringey residents have spoken out against a campaign demanding the return of a Banksy mural that was secretly removed from Whymark Avenue in Wood Green last month.

“We need to refocus our attention on the real issues,” said recycling loader Neville Collins from Seven Sisters. “Fresh cuts to local amenities plus reductions in police and health services should be getting most of our attention,” he added.

Locals have also voiced concerns about the appearance of new graffiti. “It’s an unintended but not too difficult to see consequence of the Save the Banksy campaign,” said Labour councillor Alan Stanton. “It’ll cost us all more for the council to clean it off.”

Liberal Democrat councillor Alan Strickland defended the campaign in an open letter.“This is an artwork of national significance,” he said. “It attracted visitors from all across London to visit the area – an area hit by riots only 18 months ago.”