Students on studying at LJC

Naomi Isted

Naomi Isted @Naomikisted
I trained as a Journalist over 15 years ago but decided I wanted to take myself back to basics, so I enrolled on the eight week Fashion Journalism course. It was hard juggling work, a family and studying but I feel like it’s the most rewarding and the most valuable experience I’ve had for years. The knowledge and experience  the tutor, Harriet,  squeezes into eight weeks is priceless and I will be forever grateful to her and LJC for redefining my direction and skills.

Music Journalism coursesFinnola D’Albert
This Music Journalism course gave me all the information and skills I needed to go out and pitch original ideas, but also confidence in what felt like just a pipe-dream before I started. Read more


Music journalism course

Sarah McRuvie @lilyinink
I have recently finished a music journalism course with Lulu Le Vay at London Journalism Centre. If you are serious about music journalism and want to hone in on the practical skills to become a freelance writer, this course is invaluable. Read more


Music journalism courseBen Wood
My music journalism classmates were really interesting and we got on well. The tutor had lots of experience and gave us lots of practical advice about hooks, angles, pitching and the importance of finding your voice and being pro-active.


Journalism Course LondonSabrina Grant @sabzstar
I loved the way as soon as we started the Introduction to Journalism course we jumped straight into the deep end and got down to writing news in the first week. Media law was a real eye-opener too.



Journalism course LondonGareth Royle @gmroyle
This course has been a fantastic introduction to the world of journalism. I’ve learned how to structure a news story, the value of knowing what I want to say before I say it, and not to waste a single word.


Journalism Courses LondonPhil Benton @paolobento
I’ve learnt the basics of news writing on the Introduction course and the do’s and don’ts of investigative journalism. I’ve enjoyed the class discussions which challenge your thought processes.



Distance learning journalismDianna Hunt @DiannaHuntress
The practical side of the course was really good, especially the writing exercises in class and the homework. It was really useful to be taught by a working journalist.



Journalism Courses LondonMatt Wallace-Jones @the_wally_
It was good to recognise things you see in the media every day and put a name to them and understand why certain things are done in a particular way.



Journalism Courses LondonAlison Moulds @alison_moulds
I particularly enjoyed the interactive elements – participating in group discussions was a stimulating way to get to know my classmates.



Distance learning journalismSam Westover
The course has showed me how journalism works and the difficulties journalists face when writing. I particularly enjoyed learning about media law.



Journalism Course LondonSamantha Babb @silverstone7
I’ve learnt to write news stories, features and reviews. I liked the fast pace of the course and the way the topics we covered each week inter-linked.



Journalism Course LondonNatalie Tompkins
Tutors were helpful, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and I loved how the Introduction to Journalism course covered such a wide variety of topics.


Journalism course LondonLucy Mizen @lucymizen
I liked how practical the course is, and I’ve learnt so much more from comparing and critically analysing our work as a group. I’d recommend the Introduction to Journalism course to anyone interested in the subject who doesn’t want to jump into an expensive long-term course.


Journalism course LondonJoshua Platman @Josh_TKAK
I have enjoyed the level of interaction with the lecturer and the clear explanations of the fundamentals of journalism and good writing.


Journalism course LondonThais Dean @thaisdean
As a journalist who graduated in Brazil, this course was a good chance to understand how journalism works in the UK and how media professionals behave here. The tutor uses examples of things that have happened to him which makes the course very factual.


London Journalism CentreJulia Rank @gatherlilacs
I liked the clear teaching style and approachable tutor and the way the course moved logically from news, to features, reviews etc.  It has encouraged me to broaden my horizons – I’ve learnt about types of journalism I’d never thought about before.


Journalism Course LondonJody Crooks @otterfeatures
The course was a great introduction and useful if you’re thinking whether or not journalism may be for you.



Jamillah Yakubu
This course was the perfect introduction to journalism – not too much and not too little. It allowed me to see if I have an aptitude for journalism as a career. I enjoyed the variety of subjects and the chance to write news articles and feature pieces.

Lucy Palmer
The lecturer was friendly and engaging and I learnt the formula for a news story and important things about media law and interview techniques. The course makes you read news, feature and review articles in a different way.